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Chris Parton, Legends Music Director

Legends Music Academy Music Director, Chris Parton, is a native of Tipton. Chris started playing drums, his first love, at age 5, guitar at age 12, and has continued his musical journey ever since. 

Chris started his formal instruction, playing percussion, in 6th grade, at T.M.S., under the watchful eye of Mike Dollens, and stayed committed to all things percussion until graduating T.H.S. in 1983. While in high school, he ventured out to playing guitar, bass, and singing, as well. Chris was in Concert Band, Marching Band, Stage Band, Choir, and the formidable Young Originals. He acknowledges Mr. Ted Hinkle, and Ms. Jodi Batesole, for fueling his heightened interest, and passion, for Music Education. Around the time Chris was 16, he formed his first band, G.P.C., with his older brother, Phil, his Uncle Dave Morris, and his friend, and LMA guitar instructor, Jerry Teter. This experience would be the catalyst for Chris's 38-year career as a professional musician. He learned the importance of practice, being prepared for rehearsals, studying great players, writing arrangements, composition, and the love of live performance in a band unit.

After graduation, Jerry went off to the Army, and G.P.C. disbanded. In the summer of '83, while visiting Tipton's only music store, at that time, store-owner, and very talented musician, Denny Morgan, took a call from a former band-mate who was looking for a drummer. Denny graciously submitted a young Chris Parton's name to the hat for an audition. The following week, Chris learned, practiced, and prepared 50 songs for a live gig/audition. The band was Radioactive, a group of very seasoned 30-40 year old musicians, the gig was at none-other-than The TIPTON! Chris's first professional, and paying, gig was in his home-town. The night went well and Chris got the gig. He continued playing every weekend with Radioactive for the next 6 months. That experience was extremely valuable and another springboard for musical growth.In 1984, Chris joined up with a 3-piece Contemporary Christian Rock Band, Destiny, and continued growing as a drummer and songwriter. It was here he developed his life-long fondness for the 3-piece band unit. More space, physically and musically, and less personalities and opinions.He would go on to play drums in a number of successful 3-piece bands in the 80's while studying Music Education at Ball State University including; 90 Proof, Gypsy, and Persuader.

Chris had many notable opportunities, and accomplishments, while in Muncie, attending B.S.U. His major instrument was percussion (marimba, rudimentary snare drum, timpani, drum-set, etc.), but he also minored in strings (classical guitar, bass, and piano). If you find yourself sitting in on a lesson with Chris, you will quickly find that Music Theory, and a helpful dab of Music History, changed his world. This has been the cornerstone of his 30+ years of private instruction. Also, it was there, at B.S.U., that Chris learned the extreme importance of disciplined daily practice.As Chris's life progressed, he found himself away from Tipton following his dream of music performance at a higher level. He has lived, performed, and taught in Nashville, TN, and Atlanta, GA. He has toured the country with many different bands over the years, gaining more knowledge and experience along the way...while sharing the stage with, and opening shows for, Toby Keith, Shania Twain, Shenandoah, Marty Stuart, Flynnville Train, Carl Storie, Henry Lee Summer, and many others.

In 2012, Chris moved back to Tipton, after nearly 30 years of dream chasing, to take care of his mom, Mama Jean (who sadly passed away in Oct. '18). After settling into his current location, Chris immediately started teaching, and playing music locally, because that's what he does. He found out, right away, that Tipton has many musically talented people, young and older. After seeing the demand for music instruction, he committed himself to serve that need. He has been pleased with the group of students he has assembled, thus far, and is grateful for the overwhelming support he has received from the community. He is looking forward to growing his business, with his friends, and business partners, Dusty & Jerry Teter.

Legends Music Academy looks forward to serving the musical needs of Tipton County by offering music lessons, musical merchandise, instrument repairs, and live performance opportunities for all of those willing to give it a try.   


Jerry Teter


What a blessed journey it’s been to finally open the doors to Legends Music Academy. Big thanks to Rich Brown for believing in our endeavor and affording us the chance to get off the ground. Thanks to all the parents, kids, and adult students for supporting our new space and performance program.


I spent many a cold rainy night on guard duty in the Army dreaming about playing and sharing music for the rest of my life. In my 20 years’ service, I rarely found other musicians to jam with which only fueled my desire to find a way to be a working musician. I initially used karaoke as a stepping stone to work out my singing and that’s where I met Dusty - karaoke host and party bringer extraordinaire. 


Our musical journey together brought us cover band experience and the creation of Fuzzy Bunny Fish Fry where we could showcase our original music. We also had a community of musicians in Colorado Springs with who we regularly held informal jams. When we moved to Indiana, we sought to create the same community and organized our own annual jams which we still do now. From our new circle of musical friends, we have seen the formation of many local bands and have had many exciting gig experiences on cool stages.


"Dusty is amazing. She can make anything she dreams possible. For example, she announced out of the blue, “I want to start an 80’s band.” A few months later I was playing guitar on a rooftop in Colorado Springs with the Gr80’s with the beautiful Colorado sunset as our backdrop." Jerry says of his wife and Legends' manager Dusty.  "I am a big Beatles fan and playing on a rooftop like they did was one of the best moments of my life. From there I knew with Dusty anything was possible. It was her time with School of Rock in Carmel that put the seed in her mind that we should open a music school. It may have sounded like a pipe dream at the time, but one of our cardinal rules of our relationship is never clip a dream."  My tendency before I met Dusty was to get bogged down in the details of what was possible. Now when presented with a new idea, I just let the idea keep tickling my mind keeping it fresh and trusting that in good time it will happen.


Fast forward to near a year and a half ago where i reconnected with my high school buddy, Chris Parton.  Chris approached us about starting a music school in Tipton. Chris and I are high school friends who were in the Blue Devil band and GPC (Generic Product Corporation), our rock and roll cover band, while in school in the 80’s. The timing wasn’t right for us to proceed at that time, but deep down I knew better than to just give it up. Recently the opportunity to make it happen came around again, and now we have Legends Music Academy of Tipton. I get to look out every day at the beloved courthouse of my youth, now as an owner of my own business bringing opportunities to my home town. It's a great source of pride and joy.


Legends Music Academy for me is my chance to use my music ability and experience to share the joy of music with my hometown Tipton community. The Tipton music community is filled with many talented people, and I hope to contribute to the betterment of the community through music.  


Music is magical. It moves us. It speaks to our hearts. It’s universal language. Music can be created without formal understanding of how it works. That’s part of the magic. However, there is always a time when a musician needs to woodshed the practical skill of playing an instrument, and music theory is not always considered. Yet, learning music theory makes the joy of creating and enjoying music so much deeper.


I am, with a few exceptions, self-taught. My ears and a cassette recorder (along with help of guitar magazines, instruction books, tab/chord books and fellow musicians) were my path to learning to play an instrument (guitar) and how to write my own music. I have taken a couple of music theory classes but didn’t really understand how it worked that is until  lessons from Chris opened my ears and my mind to how and why applying music theory makes me a much better musician. Chris gently teaches the elements of music theory by having students work on songs they are passionate about learning or exercises to expand understanding. 


I aspire to be like Chris in my teaching, teach the practical while imparting the theory. I expect to learn more about the music through interaction with students.  I am excited to teach students young and old at Legends Music Academy!


Gabe Winn


When I was about 4 or 5, my grandfather had a piano in his house. I would sit down and bang on it for as long as I could. The next thing I knew, I started to play chords. At that moment, I fell in love with music. Ever since then, I have tried a lot of different ways to express my musical lifestyle. Whether that involved learning a new instrument to play. Singing, joining a theatre community, or teaching others music.


It is such a blessing to be able to give music lessons. Seeing other aspiring musicians grow and learn gives me one of the best feelings you could get. Seeing people smile, laugh, and just have fun is so cool. They might have to put some hard work and practice into it, but in the end, it is worth it.


I am excited to be a part of legends and all of the people that walk in. I am already loving the wonderful atmosphere and all of the people! I can’t wait to continue to be a part of everything! - Gabe Winn


Josh Phipps


Sporting vintage-inspired threads and his signature self-made toilet seat guitar slung over his back, Josh Phipps can often be spotted around Tipton and Indianapolis making waves in the local music scene with his fun personality and huge voice.


As a tot, Josh and his siblings could be found playing under the seats of their church as his father rehearsed in the worship band. The church, and music, have been consistent fixtures in Josh's life. At age 4, he experienced one of his most exciting and life-changing events - his first guitar. It was love from day one! Learning the guitar was not a chore, rather the reward. "Joshy, come help with the dishes, then you can play your guitar," his supportive parents would often say. As a boy, he took his instrument everywhere to the point people would say it was part of his wardrobe.


Josh learned piano, drums/percussion, bass, guitar, banjo, uke and toyed with brass instruments filling in on pep band songs. Josh took advantage of every opportunity he could - choir, Concert/Pep/Jazz band, playing at multiple churches, and starting a Christian Rock group - to support and grow his skills and talents.


In college, Josh studied musical performance and audio engineering, learning more about playing instruments, music theory, equipment, recording, mixing and mastering for music and cinema. Josh played in a number of musical groups in the college scene and toured the Midwest states in the off time.


Josh worked at nationally known studio and music retailer Sweetwater Sound, working on a number of musical projects and was blessed to work with very talented musicians. Josh passed through Tipton touring with his band and fell in love with the community here. He now works in Tipton under Pastor Chris Ellis at Market Road Fellowship as the worship leader and at Legends Music Academy as a multi-instrument instructor.


Krista Hoose

At the tender age of 5 years old, clad in a denim skirt and red cowgirl boots, Krista Hoose could often be found toting a toy guitar around the house, pretending to be the third member of The Judds. It was to her great surprise on her 6th birthday to unwrap a box much bigger than she, containing her very own full-size Alvarez acoustic guitar! It was love, respect, and admiration for the instrument at first sight. Not long after, her father drove her to Loy’s Music in Elwood for her first music lesson with none other than the legendary Chris Parton himself! Young Krista, as shy as she was, learned not only the basics of the guitar and singing from Chris, but he also planted the seeds of confidence and discipline necessary to perform in front of an audience, whether it be an audience of her peers at school, the congregation at church, or a crowd at the Tipton Pork Festival Main Stage. 


While Chris took a teaching hiatus to embark on his own musical journey across the country, Krista continued to study the guitar and voice under different instructors in Kokomo and in Anderson over the next decade. She sang in elementary school choir and remained a member of the children’s choir at church until age 18. Around age 11, after watching how much fun her older brother was having, she began to study drums and percussion. She was a member of the Elwood Panther Marching Band and Concert Band in middle school through her junior year of high school, even forgoing volleyball to march bass drum with the high schoolers as an 8th grader. She participated every year in solo and ensemble in categories such as drum set, snare drum, multiple percussion, and percussion ensemble. 


Around age 14, after discovering bands such as Led Zeppelin and Rush, she began to study electric guitar techniques. It was during this time she began performing more often at local talent shows, festivals, and in the high school variety show with her brother on drum set. During her latter high school years, Krista studied classical guitar techniques at Ball State University. On the weekends she also taught guitar lessons herself to students of all ages.


Krista never let music performance get too far out of sight. She marched snare drum in the Butler University Marching Band during college and continued her studies of classical guitar. She participated in both the classical guitar trio and quartet as the only non-music major, until her studies in the sciences became too rigorous. Even then, when she was able to come home, she enjoyed “jam nights”, playing her Les Paul along with the radio late into the night. Even though she did not major in music during college, she strongly believes the character traits she developed through her music studies helped her achieve her goals in other aspects of life.


One of the biggest lessons Krista has learned is that music is always there when you need it, and if you love it and respect the creative process, it will never leave. She has currently been spending time honing the craft of songwriting. As a firm believer of lifelong learning, she is constantly studying how to improve her skills and is currently studying commercial songwriting through Full Circle Music Academy in Franklin, TN. Prior to the pandemic, she had been traveling frequently to Nashville, TN for cowriting sessions and networking. Krista can be found playing acoustic guitar and singing both as a solo act and within various duo groups in venues across the state. She is currently the lead guitarist for the Sonsee Cloud Band.


Krista is honored and excited to join the incredible teaching staff at Legends Music Academy. She hopes to impart not only the skills necessary to play an instrument but also to cultivate a love and appreciation for the creative process. Through music, all things are possible! Call to schedule your lesson with Krista today! 765-408-0537 



Jake Carter

 Welcome our new Legends instructor: Jake Carter!

Legends Music Academy is excited to welcome Jake to our teaching staff. He is a talented musician and patient teacher and he is accepting new students now.

At the age of 6, Jake started his musical journey with drum lessons from Kenny Kiefer. Kenny instilled a work ethic musically with Jake, which he believes was a defining moment in his musical path. Jake went from playing drums in his bedroom to playing in the youth band at his church, playing drums in front of the whole congregation at age 14. An introverted personality, Jake discovered that playing music gave him confidence and is convinced music helped find his true self and voice.

At age 15, Jake was gifted his first guitar and amp by his cousin Erik. It was a “Lyon” electric guitar by Washburn. The guitar itself was not great, but a lot of perseverance and practice led him to outgrow that guitar quickly.

Jake would turn on Pandora and learn how to play songs by ear, but as he grew more and more interested in guitar, he pursued independent study on music theory and fretboard theory and application. Some of Jake’s favorite bands/artists growing up include Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

In 2017, Jake wrote his first EP called “Coming Down”. He remembers the day in the studio playing every instrument on every song except “Driving in the Past”. He is grateful for the musical knowledge he has gained and is very excited to help his students find their musical path. Jake believes that “music will take you on the ride of your life, and it will comfort you the whole time and never leave you.”

In 2018, Jake decided it was time to start preparing for something bigger than himself could imagine doing, so he graduated high school early and worked full time for over a year to save up for the move to Nashville, TN to pursue his dream of music.

While in Nashville, Jake received a degree with a major in audio engineering at Dark Horse Institute and had the opportunity to work with acts and artists of all calibers from the genres of pop country, the blues, rock and folk. Prior to the pandemic, Jake was playing bass for the touring group AC Thomas, as well as playing on many records soon to be released.

With his tour now postponed until 2021, he is back in Tipton and wants to share his passion for and knowledge of music with his students. Jake wants to help them understand the simplicity of the music, as well as helping them benefit from the therapy it gives to the player. He is also excited to help his students find their voices and themselves in music, looking to music through the peaks and valleys of life.

Jake is super excited to be on the Legends teaching staff! He hopes that many of his students will fall in love with the magic of playing music, as well as the instrument the student is learning. Jake looks forward to helping his students chase their dreams and shoot for the moon, so they can land amongst the stars with their creativeness and acquired musical skill set!

Jake is accepting new students in guitar and bass. Call 765-408-0537 today. 

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