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Lessons, Workshops and LMAO Performance Program

An exciting part of learning to play music is being able to play on stage with other musicians in front of an audience. This program helps builds self-confidence and can also help improve focus and listening skills. In this quarterly program, students attend individual lessons then participate in a session-ending concert featuring a song of the student's choice, often playing with other students.

LMAO performance program students also get first consideration when musical entertainment opportunities in the community happen. Legends students are often featured at the local Farmer's Markets, Pork Festival, 4-H Fair and more.

Register here for the Spring session.

LMAO Performance Program

Learning music at a whole new level!

We have so many great teachers here at Legends that would love to work with you. (See the "Our Team" page) The best way to sign up would be to call us at (765) 408-0537 OR email us at One of our team members will respond as soon as they can. 

Lessons are once a week and are scheduled with the teachers themselves. Invoices come out on the first of the month, but the very first lesson is FREE! That's right, you get a free trial lesson! 

Again, we do not have a sign up form on this website. Please call or email today if you would like to sign up for lessons with one of our amazing teachers! We would love to work with you.

LMAO Weekly Lesson Program

Experienced teachers and a valuable time investment!

Chris' students at last summer's LMAO performance concert 

Group/Family Music Program


It's never too early to start instilling a lifelong love of music. Legends offers monthly group music sessions geared for littles to explore music and different instruments through playing games, singing, dancing and fun!

There are three different programs based on age:

Ages 2-3 Music & Me (with a parent/family member)

Ages 4-5 Sing & Jive

Ages 6-8 Music is Great

Register for these fun littles classes today!

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