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Piano Student and Teacher Resources

Happy February, Legends!

Here are some of the worksheets and things I use as a piano teacher. These tools are great for any student of any age.

Scale Progress Charts
Download PDF • 53KB

Some students benefit from a scale practice chart, and some don't! Every person is different. I am not above bribery as a teacher, so that sticker section is amazing for a little boost of serotonin at the beginning of our lesson so they feel accomplished and ready to learn the next thing. It motivates them to sit down and practice those scales. There's no strict time constraint on their scale sheets. The reason I have the "date started" and "date completed" is to recognize the students who finished their charts at our recitals. This is a very beginner scale practice chart, and it does not include every key. They are listed in order of the circle of fifths so students are not overwhelmed by sharps and flats from the beginning. This scale sheet helps beginners stay more focused on technique and they slowly learn the theory along the way. I have a blank staff section so they can choose to write it themselves and work through the major scale pattern and think through the theory before playing. And who doesn't love drawing treble clefs? There is nothing more satisfying).

beginner piano cheat sheet (1)
Download PDF • 2.47MB

The first piano lesson can be very overwhelming for beginner students, and I find myself reteaching quite a bit on the second lesson. This is a catch all, beginner-intermediate cheat sheet. I give this to every piano student. It is a handwritten document that I created with basic rhythmic notation, treble and bass clef on and off the staff, and some other good things to have on the piano during practice time.

That is all I have to post for now, but I will be posting more resources as I create them! I hope this helps students, teachers, and even parents. Rock on!

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